Solo Piano Recital

Solo recital at her homes, Tokyo and Munich in December.


The core of the program is a Ludwig van Beethoven's song "An die ferne Geliebte- To the distant beloved", who will be celebrated worldwide next year for his 250th birthday.


In the evening, you will hear the immortal art and heart of composers that are still touching us after 200 years, and perhaps you might think of your lover and spend time with her.


A beautiful Advent season with piano.



Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Sonata No. 30 in E-Major, op.109


Robert Schumann

Fantasie in C-Major, op. 17


Kosaku Yamada

Les poèmes à Scriabin




 Friday, 13 December at 7 p.m.

in Johannissaal / Schloss Nymphenburg


Ticket 20 euros / Reduced 15 euros

Reduction applies to students under 18 years old.






Saturday21 December at 7 p.m.

in l'atelier by abc Hall Debussy


Ticket 2500 yen /  Student 1500 yen

Studentticket is valid for all students student ID.



Ticket pia

P - Code : 163696

The ticket is also being sold at seven-eleven and Pia-shop in Japan.

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QR code for the ticket buying