Piano lessons

My lessons

Since I met the piano, I grew up with music and it was a constant companion to me.

I was lucky because I constantly had teachers who always showed me further musical world with passion, creativity and joy so that I could always enjoy the music.

They are now my ideals.


There are very special moments during the piano lesson.

When you clear your challenges point, really feel the music, draw out a beautiful sound, understand something essential.

I am ready to help you experience these moments.


What should you entertain in the lessons?

Joy at playing music!

Let us achieve your individual musical goal together.

Lessons with children and beginners

I would like to give piano lessons for children, even for beginners, if he is interested in music and piano himself.


In the initial phase, it is particularly important to sit at the piano periodic, better 10 minutes a day rather than 1 hour a week.

It would not be easy for everyone at first, but through that the basic technique takes root in you and if it is established as a habit, it develops the concentration that is not only needed for playing piano.

Furthermore, if you keep doing it every day, you will gain confidence.


Children would need the help of their parents, so I would desire your comprehend and support.

The ways of lessons

I offer private lessons in 3 ways.


1. Online-live lessons

2. Video-file lessons

3. Personal lessons


If you are interested in it;

You can find out about 1. Online-live lessons and 2. Video-file lessons HERE.

About 3. Personal lessons please write HERE.