Online lessons

The devastating damage caused by the coronavirus is reported daily and in Munich where I live, we have been restricted from going out and am unable to give regular lessons.

Nevertheless, the student told me that they want to take lessons, so I started giving online lessons!


Would you take piano lessons, where and when you want?

Would you experience a piano lessons many times?

You can do it now with Online lessons!



You can choose from two ways.


1. Online-live lessons

The piano lesson is given on Zoom. (We must agree on the date of the lesson.)

45 min. : 35 euro, 60 min. : 40 euro


2. Video-file lessons

You can send your play with Email (max. 15 min.) and receive a video-file (ca. 15 min.) with comments.

1 video : 30 euro


If you interest of that, write HERE!

(with your name, email address and the way you want)