Concert with Pia Viola Buchert (Mezzosoprano)

Germany and Japan-Two people who were born and raised in a distant land and met through music perform together in their home countries.

Traditional sounds and feelings, emotions and melodies that can be shared over 9000km, and works that ware born in culture over many years.

A new sound world will spread.

Sunday, 17 Nov. 2019 at 5 p.m.




Der Nussbaum / R. Schumann

Jasminenstrauch / R. Schumann

Karatachi no hana / K. Yamada

Sehnsucht / F. H. Mendelssohn

Die Lotosblume / R. Schumann

Arabesque / R. Schumann (Piano solo

Japanisches Regenlied / J. Marx

Botan / K. Hashimoto

4 Haikus / B. Hummel

Les poèmes à Scriabin / K. Yamada (Piano solo

Selige Nacht / J. Marx

Yuku Haru / Y. Nakata

Sakura Yokocho / Y. Nakata

Suleika / F. H. Mendelssohn

Herbst / F. Schubert

Manjushage / K. Yamada 

Abendempfindung / W. A. Mozart